“Dissent” is a Mindjammer game for 5 players, the original concept for which was “The Internet of Things has to resist and throw off planetary invaders, ’cos the native humans are useless”.

We used the toolkit in the Mindjammer rulebook to randomly generate a scarcely habitable world – (tidally locked Lost colony, 2G, thick atmosphere, non-aqueous : ouch). We then used the Microscope RPG over three sessions to flesh out the past of this world from ‘accidental colonisation’ to ‘about to be invaded’

We ended up with the world of Freyr, a balkanised Mercantilist Oligarchy, split along the lines of clan, corporation and confederation. Heavily terraformed, a tightly controlled and regulated populace, on the brink of a golden age of planetary development due to the leap to T8 technology – interesting place.

The Freyri have had their problems (generation ship sabotage, colonised Freyr by necessity rather than design, catastrophic mistakes in terraforming and eco-engineering, a 100 year polar war, war-remnants still threatening civilisation, rise of an oligarch class, fascist censorship, marginalisation of miorities and societal redirection, grudging acceptance of synthetic consciousness etc etc) … so a spike in societal unrest should have come as little surprise.

Unlike the mass invasion by the Protectorate of Virtual Citizens.

300 days later, the system and most of the planet’s surface is conquered. A population of Mindscape-implanted consumers had little resistance to the advanced Domination and Mindburning weight of the Dreamer imposality …. and the human genotypes are being gathered by the Dreamer synthetic armies, like a valued harvest. The Freyri synthetic population seem resistant to these coercions, but they are being repurposed or destroyed out of hand by the Dreamer synthetic armies.

What fugitives, military remnants and resistance still exist have been driven to the subterranean depths … if the invaders can be fought, the freedom fighters must come from within the ranks of the Freyri synthetics who still have the will to fight – they know that they have no value or place in this New World. They face utter extinction. They must Dissent.

G.M.’s Note : As well as having the Mindjammer book as a resource, I am wildly stealing & adapting stuff from a range of rpg sources … which currently include : Heavy Gear, Eclipse Phase, Transhuman Space, CyberPunk 2020 & Shadowrun : all great sources of names, maps, and plot ideas !


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