Session 4

Shade blitzed the comms on the shuttle so it couldn’t be taken over by external factors.

Shade has a quick chat with the onboard AI, Alpha gives away credentials.

Zero gets scanned by the shuttle, it confirms the bioweapon was created 72 hours previous. Some modifications exist to the original pattern, but are unknown.

Alpha pilots partway to the tower, past the floating Protectorate Doom Machine.

We dock in the tower, signs of vivisectioned bodies. Floors have been removed and replaced with semi transparent flooring. Whole place is being stripped to the bones. Dreamer drones are downloading the medical files.

Shade is well out of date.

Hack the mainframe – antigen to EI123 (“Just Another Pathogen” or “JAP”) was checked out manually by Freyri technican (“Malinson”) and used in the makepoints in off hours, covertly, under the Dreamers’ eyes. Got a picture of the guy – he’s downstairs right now, working on the makepoint.

Antigen appears to have been manufactured a little after the bio weapon was manufactured.

Malinson is part of a previous Freyri security team (“Martingale Security”). Other three in the group are: Diego, Chung, Paz.

Shade reschedules Malinson to come repair our shuttle (which we’re still in). Communicates with Malinson over the tight beam on the side of the shuttle. Malinson will try to make contact with the Highlanders who instigated the whole thing?

We are left waiting in shuttle for Malinson to come back.

At that point we set to arguing about what to do next. Shade is torn between leaving and staying, Alpha wants to leave, Rosen wants to explore the facility, and Zero is rolling against disease and using up all the energy in the sonic shower.

We split – Rosen, Shade and Zero stealth their way into the complex, Alpha decides to leave in the shuttle when it’s clear to do so.

Managing to find and follow Malinson, Rosen follows the bridge across to the central peak, where Malinson makes contact with members of the Highlanders.

It seems apparent that Malinson’s efforts to coerce the Highlanders into giving up the antidote are failing, so we make contact ourselves.

Rosen establishes contact through the taptap military code from a vent. Aided by some coersion from Zero, the Highlander Grunt gives up some of his own blood as an antidote sample.

The lower half of the peak has been excavated to create a holding area for newly aquired Freyri Dreamers. Post-procedure Freyri line the cavern in the thousands, in Dreaming states.

Zero, feeling the impending end of the virus, quietly turns off the haze field and allows Dreamer system to get infected.



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