Session 8 (In Depth)


Session 8 Notes -rendered by Shade

Location – The Blender – Black Root

Rosen and Cee-Eff survive “MeatWar” @TheBlender. Holo screened for all the Black Rooters who care and are able. Taking stock as things settle for a little while = #calm.before.storm. ironymeme = #funnybecausetrue. Cee-Eff in recline mode. Location = his own bio-entrails. State = mostly inoperable, clearly eviscerated. His bulk and performance is impressive but he is afterall an ArcheoloTractor – tasked for soloOps + long dig cycles not genegineered for combat. Rosen as always physically fine #WarGrinder. ThanoPshchoState? who can say? Behind primary optic sensor blisters #orbsofmalice lies abyss of dark intent and too troubled past.

Location – Grav Hanger – Outside Blackroot

Shade = #DeepState (in a tool cupboard) sifting Memeorgrams from long.long.past=1. Since the fall, his past and present seem to be more immediate, physical, locally stored, condensed and harder to sift/tag. Without the #MarketScape he finds it hard to keep #PresentState coherent. Disturbed by White Rock events he struggles with balancing his [Conflict][Violation].operations.ledger in his nature core. His nature routines cluster on the LocalMinima of protecting women and children but conflict against the LocalMaxima of the #ClanMustEndure. The enemy’s MindScape allure was obvious, sprinkled liberally with high desire reward objects. The path to salvation for his clan could be compliance with the invaders and not resistance.

He awakes knowing the rescued children will be safe with the Crone but also the Crone loathes Shade for some past infidelity. He is unable to remember the details and outcome of that particular social transaction. He leaves to join the others in Black Root. He arrives, finds people trying to flee. Knowing this exodus could compromise the hidden nature of the Black Root location to the enemy he locks and seal the entrances. One small group of organic malcontents escape upwards overheard talking about selling the Black Root location to the enemy. They are tagged with #enemies and #dealwithlater.

Location – Black Root

Shade moves downwards toward Rosen and Cee-Eff. Rosen and Cee-Eff start dealing with a bomb about to be exploded in First Tears corpus. All hell is descending on Black Root as Doa’s forces = #ScionsofDoa, some few thousand zealots and 2 full combat teams of Freyer MilTac (geared for hardball) go full shooting war within the complex.

One combat team get crushed when a number of corridors fall on them due to the overzealous use of Termoplosives by the #ScionsofDoa. Cee-Eff and Rosen use a mix of intrusion and drones to tackle THE BOMB remotely from The Blender. Shade attempts to help disarm THE BOMB at a hard terminal but is ambushed by Coyote and his combat squad. Shade dodges through the squad, he seems to remember the timing subroutines used by the suit effectors taking Coyote with him and down into the effector shaft. Quick hacking of the combat suit and liberal use of the jump jets is necessary for them not to #SquishDie at the bottom as #innapropes Rosen blows the contingency EMPULSE, killing power, the AngelNet™ and wreaking havok on the facilities systems. Cee-Eef manages to save the First Tears corpus from nano-wipe and also deftly rearranges exo-memories, histricronicles, memeories and even swapping around some personality preference settings from the start/reboot menu.

Negotiate with Coyote. The team struggle to find leverage. Ultimately hard to find anything other than “Suicide by Resistance” mode Coyote appears set. Rosen and Shade think MilTac support would be useful and attempt DealAccord. Cee-Eff obstreperously disagrees. DealAccord reached after quick negotiation sync effort. Coyote leaves. Deal equitably achieved by all.

He is immediately betrayed by Cee-Eff. MilTac team and the techs under care are dropped right in the shit after AngleNet™ hack. Coyote and MilTac squad go #FangsOut. optimumCarnage + dangerClose = MeatWar. Scion force no match for full tactical response by MilTac team geared for close war CarnageOps™. Coyote takes Doa’s head. Doa apparently = Shade that was unable to ClanBond #BadMojo. Coyote doesn’t want throne. Drops rousing shortspeech LiteralRealRecord #28.008.7689 = “You want to fight, come with me.” takes best warriors and leaves. #WhoCanArgue?

Status Update = BlackRoot damaged, many survivors, leadership uncertain, Negotiations imminent.

Coyote knows he is betrayed as Cee-Eff whispertext “#Don’tCallMeSon” was last heard in ear comms as he is dropped directly into hard ball fightwar.

Cee-Eff increasingly hard to balance on social transaction ledger column=FriendAlly. Too long alone? Needs social protocols update?

Reordered to column = FrindLiability. Tags #crazy, #liability, #badforbusiness.



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