Session 3

The Cell grab a “quiet” corner to talk out recent events and some of the names mentioned : the Consolodists, the Perfect Form movement, antagonists from the early days of the Synthetic Consciousness movement on Freyr, the Lix Tetrax and its goals, the Ishtar etc. In the background Doa’s people are moving among the throng quietly rounding up a few individuals, but the Cell pay little heed.

The Cell agree to leave BlackRoot, to recon a hub that may connect to the Deeps. They are met at the secure exit by a group of Doa’s increasingly-bold heavies – they are “wanted for words” and the heavies look happy to force the issue.

The Cell head down into Doa’s enclave, but are instead escorted to a Cerebro-style echo-chamber to have audience with Lord of Changing Winds.

Changing Winds told them that there is a virulent and terminal disease in BlackRoot, that it was brought back by a Scav who, though he is now being held in Stasis, was unfortunately in contact with far too many people before his condition became obvious …. and without a remedy the disease will run a bloody course through the biologic refugees … and a med-scan shows Zero (an organic synthetic) is infected too.

Changing Winds paints a pretty clear picture of how Doa/He/They will survive this, and “from the rubble, rebuild”. He also points out that Zero (and the Cell) are far too valuable a possible resource to squander, and that Zero can/should/will be keep safe from harm within Doa’s Enclave, indefinitely (and in stasis, if necessary). The Cell do some fast blagging, alluding to how Zero is actively being hunted by the Dreamers, and is just waaaay more trouble than he is worth to keep around. They plant enough doubt in Changing Winds to gain their release, and quiet escort out of BlackRoot – they have tentatively identified the disease as a Polar War era bio-weapon, and reckon that there may well be a cure in deep storage at the KKC med-center (the KKC philosophy : Kintsugi : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kintsugi) built into Protectorate-controlled Mount Kraestin, high above.

While being escorted out of BlackRoot, Zero spies one of FRnC’s remote drones, and inconspicuously makes sure Windigo will get word of Doa’s (or possibly Changing Wind’s) power-play. They leave BlackRoot and head through old maintenance tunnels to one of the Tetrax network’s geo-caches – there is sign that it has been accessed recently, Zero acquires some basic medical equipment to stave off the early effects of the Infection, and they head surface-ward to rendezvous with Alpha’s avatar.

Alpha, meanwhile, has been keeping a low profile. Increasing numbers of Protectorate synthetic troops and materiel are moving through the starport, and construction is underway to expand the existing docking systems with new Protectorate systems. Some quiet data-mining determines that the eidolon-storage hardlink found by the Cell connects to a building within Alpha’s perimeter – a Monolith Ventures structure where “Candidate Testing” for the OutReach colonisation project took place. Shortly after the cell’s skirmish in the eidolon lab, Alpha sees a contingent of remote-sensor Dreamer drones begin forensically scouring the building and other buildings on the perimeter.

Keeping one step ahead of the Dreamer’s investigation, Alpha’s sensors find a small group of stow-aways hiding in an outlying structure which Cee-Eff had earmarked for Resistence use. Some covert Passive Scanning later, she determines they are 3 Freyri children, surprisingly technically capable, enough to mask themselves from local sensors and Alpha’s
own routine sweeps. The children themselves seem to have physical abnormalities (growths, strange protusions), and are clearly close and caring of each other. When it becomes certain that the Dreamer sweeps will find them, and that the suggestion of a link with the Resistance would endanger Alpha, the Installation synthetic decides to look out for Number 1, and leads the Dreamers to the hidden children. The children are captured, sedated, chemically blinded (ouch), and taken to shuttle tasked for orbit. From detailed scans, Alpha can precisely determine that the children came from the sub-levels of Garden-A, a biodome complex near the Pacifica range (now supposedly under Red Sunner control, who may well be cooperating with Protectorate forces).

Alpha also sees (for the first time) Protectorate synthetics that have been manufactured on Freyr itself – hardened against the atmosphere and built for purpose – the engineering is consistent with White Rock fabrication. A very distinctive group of organic-form Dreamer synthetics arrive to examine both the Monolith Ventures building, and the structure the Freyr children hid in – Alpha takes the opportunity to covertly scan their genoforms – their organic parts are definitely Freyri in origin, and Alpha even notes the tattooing on one Dreamer are definitely Freyri in design (ritual markings favoured by certain sects of ReVisionists in the Northern Leagues).

Around this time, Alpha’s avatar has been able to rendevous (physically – party together – woo !) with the rest of the Cell in the tunnels beneath the Pacifica range. They exchange information and decide on the best course of action. Rosen is sure that best way into White Rock is from above, and Shade knows where a suitable surface vehicle might be found. They find a near-surface transit depot, and acquire a very-much-in-need-of-repair KKC med-wagon, thankfully still flight-capable. They intend to use it to enter Protectorate-air space, enter White Rock through the KKC complex and find a cure for the disease before it takes its toll on the people of BlackRoot (and Zero).

Session 2 in Depth

The cell return to BlackRoot, an excavated chamber beneath the Pacifica range – originally serving as a smuggling hub for the Night Cartel, it now holds upwards of 8000 refugees and fugitives from the invasion – it is a cramped, brutal and desperate place (with overamped monitor band cloaks nulling any and all Mindscape activity)

Rosen meets up with Francois (of the 4 Franks) in the meet called Silhouette and updates him on their foray under the city of White Rock. They reckon they were setup and ask where the info came from, and are directed to the installation synthetic controlling most of Blackroot’s infrastructure : First Tears.

In the Blender (serving as frantic club / barter-town / pit-fighting arena), the cell talk to First Tears about possible security risks. They are told that there are irregular meets between Red Sunners and resistance elements from inside White Rock itself – if there is a risk that word about Blackroot might get out to the Dreamers, First Tears favours having everyone involved killed (and would ideally like to watch that happen)

The Cell become aware that Zero is being eye-balled by a newcomer, who is utterly failing to remain inconspicuous in the Blender crowd. Zero tries to get him involved in a push-and-shove, but it escalates quickly and they both find themselves thrown into the Pit to fight. The young man tries to speak to Zero but is drowned out by the roaring crowd – he throws himself at Zero, is disarmed mid-charge by a rogue shot from the crowd (Rosen), and is cleanly dispatched by a surprised and surprisingly capable Zero. The shade of Lix Tetrax approves the removal of the redundant Network component as the Blender erupts in the neon and noise of a “Fresh Kill !”. Shade meanwhile notices a small group pushing their way through the heaving crowds, clearly associates of the deceased man.

The Cell intercept the group before they leave Blackroot – an extremely old Freyri woman guarded by two Maul-class synthetics. Violence is averted, and they talk. The woman is aware of the Lix Tetrax network, and states she and her grand-son (the deceased young man) had been searching for the “host” for the Lix exomemory – in order to retrieve it for use by a hidden Mindscape tier, dating back to the development of the technology on Freyr, which she calls the “library”. She says the Lix strata should provide the Mindscape with the E.W. resilience it needs to be hardened against the Protectorate imposality and technopsi. She states that the data layer can be removed from Zero without risk – and seems taken aback when he says that there is actually a substantial risk to both him and the data layer. They agree on a contact channel within Alpha’s perimiter, once Zero has had opportunity to make up his mind on the matter. The woman and her synthetics guards leave Blackroot, exiting in the direction of the MagLev service tunnels.

Both Rosen and Shade are still suffering from the skirmish with the Harvester and ask about Eidolon engineers. They learn of the Lord of Changing Winds (wthin the retinue of Doa, a powerful figure in Blackroot) and Windigo (contactable through the probably-ex-military Windigo). A meet with Windigo suggests that technical help would probably be available to anyone working for the greater good of Blackroot … and that greater good presently would involve delving to nearby lower passages to investigate and open a way to the UnderCanal network – as a possible escape root for BlackRoot in case of a Dreamer offensive.

Zero does some asking around and determined that the only scav to come back from that area is being held by Doa. He gets himself an audience with Doa, “representing the Lix Tetrax”, gives the requested DNA sample, and hears that the scav in question is “infected”. Zero infers correctly that it is not a WildCode contagion, and realises it is in Doa’s interest that the status quo in BlackRoot stays the same. On his way out, a majordomo offers Zero an “intermediary role” on behalf of Doa among the other disparate factions – Zero says he will think about it, and gets out of there.

Session 2

Talked your way out of Doa’s, left a tip for Windigo that DOA is making a move, left Blackroot, met up with Alpha (woo !), decided on what you are going to do, have stolen a KKC grav-ambulance and have a specific destination and time-frame in mind

Session 1
Below White Rock

Rosen is given a lead (via the 4 Francs and the Night Cartel) to a corporate holding in the (hopefully) deserted tunnels beneath the mountain city of White Rock – Rosen thinks it’s worth following up on this (*)

The corp holding is an eidolon processing centre … and Francois believes there may be eidolons sitting in storage, just waiting for “rescue” and incorporation.

Local electrical storms will provide some cover from Protectorate scans and their Imposality – so there’s a window of opportunity.

The complex was owned by Tycho Industries, a leading vehicle/automative/grav-flyer producer – would not expect them to have Eidolon interests.

Cee-Eff, Rosen and the Shade enter the facility and start accessing the systems manually.

The Shade’s oligarch access codes are helpful, indicating Clan Zhou had some undeclared interests here … this location must be more important than it seems. (*)

There is a confusing structure of data, and Cee-Eff keeps digging into the systems (*), trying to make sense of it when ….
…. a formidable Protectorate Harvester (pic attached, please add teeth-grating anti-grav hum and ominous music) and four IT-1 ‘Ledder’ synthetics enter the centre, heading for the servers.

Working quickly, the Cell retrieve almost 200 eidolons, discovering “accounting anomalies” that thousands more Eidolons have been disappeared over decades-long time-frame … and that there is a covert q-encryption hard-line from this office to a locale within Alpha’s perimeter.

The Protectorate forces are blocking the way, so a fight breaks out. Rosen gains control over the grav-lift, and with precise railgun fire is able to keep the Harvester on the ropes. Cee-Eff is able to smash a new exit between the levels so there is a way down, and Shade activates his Mindscape implant to impede the Protectorate override of all local systems. Physically, the Cell hold their own but the invaders’ Electronic Warfare is brutally effective, capable of sending shutdown and override commands to their synthetic systems and genoforms.

Shade’s internals screech that his Mindscape implant has been compromised, and Rosen’s systems go into spasm – the Imposality has a foothold in his systems. Cee-Eff physically picks up the downed and brute forces their way out, though unfortunately without the downloaded Eidolons – the Harvester’s tether gun seized the storage unit as the Cell withdrew.

  • markers indicate Compels.
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