Civil Unrest

There are traditionally three tiers of Freyr faction – Confederation, Corporation, and Clan. Though the importance of clan affiliations has waned over the last century, Clans Zi Zhou (with a power base focusing on macro-engineering) and LeCour (genurgy) have enjoyed a resurgence – mainly due to their role in publically establishing contact and trade with humans from outside the Freyr system thirty years ago, and then making best use of the resulting opportunities.

These two clans jointly founded the model city of Pax (on the Pacifica mountain range) to use as a planet-side starport and hub for these new trade routes. Tightly managed contact with Fringe Traders (and representatives of local power blocs, including the Protectorate of Virtual Citizens) was heralded as a way the Freyri could “boot-strap” themselves, so they could stand proud and ready for the inevitable recontact and consolidation with Old Earth – and in the interim, perhaps claim a territory for themselves. Groups that tied themselves to this “Consolidate” ideology enjoyed the benefit of a patriotic upswing and fast technological advancement, even if the powerful were quietly reluctant to risk assimilation by an external group like the Commonality.

Freyr technology surged – though credit was always given to “local ingenuity” and “manifest destiny” rather than to any advantage from external contact. Great Projects became commonplace : the system defense flagship “Lix Tetrax” was constructed as part of a 4-season pan-Confederation patriotic effort, and was the first Installation synthetic to support Mindscape instancing – a technology rapidly rolled out to other associated Installations. The Ishtar, a sister-ship to the Lix, had its keel laid at the Monolith Ventures shipyard (orbiting Tartarus), and was the first ship built around the new 2-Space planning drives – a “Freyri Innovation” that would finally put the Icarus’ original destination within reach of a courageous colonisation effort (traversing 3 light-years in a 100 days, slow compared to Commonality tech but thousands of times faster than existing Freyri propulsion systems).

The OutReach project captured global attention, and thousands of people entered the Lottery and underwent the ‘suitability testing’ required for application. When the requisite crew were gathered and trained (off-world), the much-heralded departure took place approximately 300 days before Invasion.

The violent civil unrest that marked Freyr society and enabled Protectorate invasion can be traced to three disruptive technological events :

1) The discovery by “Pharma Nord” that almost 40% of the Freyri population were developing a resistance to the retrovirals behind the common ReJuve enhancements. This recently-identified mutation was most common among genotypes used by the poorer members of the population. Treatment to supress the mutation required costly and repeated procedures. Grey- and Black-market untested alternative treatments (via unlicenesed MakePoint hubs) grew commonplace. Safe longevity was increasingly possible only for the truly wealthy or for their dutiful employees – leading to dire social pressures impacting everything from family planning to geno-form design.

2) Increasing proliferation of MakePoint fabricators forced a redefinition of traditional economic systems. Many found their wealth threatened or rendered worthless over-night. Clan and Confederacy reaction to this technology was heavy-handed, leading to draconian control regulation and social stigma attached to “getting something for nothing from someone else’s somewhere – along with a corresponding rise in “Authenticity” disputes. “Chimera Systems” were eventually given exclusive distribution rights to the systems, which lead to a very uneven and inequitable distribution of the technology – very unpopular with the masses.

3) Finally, anonymous sources form the “Liberati” movement leaked information that the OutReach colonisation project was conducted on utterly fraudulent premises. Many “winning” candidates of the lottery were found to have never existed, and exo-memories from the spacers-in-training were found to be fabricated or heavily altered. Many citizens’ investment in colonial-projects (revealed to be little more than a pyramid scheme) were instantly rendered valueless and a conspiracy of vast proportions was alluded to. Demands for return or word of the colonists were not met, with all out-system Monolith installations going dark. Outraged civil unrest was followed by brutal martial law, breaking across all factions – with much violence directed towards the universally-blamed non-Freyri groups.

The backlash from these events severely hindered the Freyri ability to defend against the Protectorate Invasion. Lingering animosities and consequences from these events still impede the resistance efforts.

Civil Unrest

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