Session 13 - In Depth

Flash back to Zero, helping a more-and-more isolationist Alpha liase with the members of DeepRed, the once nuked mining and processing facility 100km out of White Rock. Several weeks pass and Alphas’ signal to this unit is fading more and more, could it be the atmospheric alterations? An expedition is planned for Zero and a few guys from DeepRed on behalf of alphas signal and the colonists supplies.

They find an observatory point high in the hills and after a shooty introduction that is almost the status quo around here they eventually get face to face and sort it out. Zero recognised some military grade materiel installed here, and he blags the current occupants (some do-gooder scav monkies that have been here for a while) that he is here to collect the “package”… although he’s early. Zero negotiated a trade route with DeepRed and plans to aide these Scavs where possible. After a while the real military show up. Zero negotiates with them and after inserting some “I’m obviously high grade agency” lingo into the conversation he asks to be take to their leader.

General Navar is accepting of the intel, although ultimately suspicious of any tendril of the Lix Tetrax’s plan, but it seems that Zero is key. After all only he knows the self destruct codes that need to be manually entered into the Lix Tretrax mainframe cortex in order to destroy it. Of course that involves getting up to orbit where the carcass of the vessel now hangs, every growing with alien mass. Several routes up are proposes, all sound a little risky. Alphas route is probably easiest, although crawling with enemy. Better than flying up against ArcFall. Zero spends some time with the military before contacting his colleagues and heading out towards GardenA

Flash forward some time…

GardenA, The market pits, some guard-dog-scum that had scanned the MAC-ID of Shade of Xi-Zhou force our hand. Shades snooping has cost us unfortunately. We promised them something and now they’re forcing us under to the Blue to order to get it. Some drug-fab plant hidden away in some unknown tunnels. Shade does however manage to swap the MAC-ID’s with their leader, suppose not all bad. We venture below, I find a way, back near the supertanker-come-denOfVillany&Scum there was a few fissures into the rock, the type of sedimentary crap that dissolves over time by sulphuric vapours. We use these to get below although due to the atmosphere the biologicals amongst us must remain… we thought this would create an advantage… we might be wrong. Shade must remain with them, a giant WAL-D0 class warbot has him dead to right. A second WAL-D0 and 2 groups of the scum follow with us, we wind our way down the fissure until we come to man made areas… the sealed doors up ahead have a familiar sight around them. The silvery jagged buzz-leaves of the metallic plants shimmer here. Their purple flowering ejecting nano spore into the already toxic atmosphere. We smell E.V.E. – Through tight band UV laser we open comms.

E.V.E. wants out, it’s been exiled down here, it needs champions, and judging on the tens of thousands of the scum that live above it, it may be our only weapon. We have to prove ourselves, and must run the gauntlet. 70 years ago this place might have housed a bio-Pharma plant but not any more, it’s now testing and fabbing, something all the more sinister is going on here. The WAL-D0 and the Nanshan get multisected, burned, chem-souped and stung to death. Thankfully, our years of silent service indentured slavery aid us here. We make it to the final room (which is also trapped) – E.V.E. opens commas again and negotiates with us once more. We explain our situation and it dishes what INTEL it can. Turns out this invasion started 70+ years ago and the Up-teching of certain sectors of Freyr life has been on the go for a lot longer than we though.

We have our work cut out for us.

Session 12 - In Depth

Cee-Eff investigates the radioactive ruins of the bunker complex the Cell discovered. It appears that a small population of researchers in a sealed environment were conducting experiments on ‘disruptive technology’ > and that approximately 90 years ago (well after the supposed nuke date during the Polar War) an Atlas synthetic was repurposed form the Wild-Code frontlines to go and assault this complex. Very shortly afterwards, the site was nuked, slagging the intruders and the complex – hard to tell who or why the nuke was called in, but something must have gone seriously wrong for someone. Cee-Eff finds evidence of early corporate and oligarchic interests, evidence that their research produced technology well ahead of its time especially in the field of synthetic consciousness, and signs of a strange organic gel, fused in to a complex crystalline structure by the nuke. He detaches his arm that gets contaminated by the gel, but raw materials bleed from the wall, his body and the air itself to regrow a new arm – copying the function, if not the appearance, of the old one. Assuring himself that this is not a Wild-Code catastrophe, he collapses the entry into the complex, and leaves to meet the rest of the cell.

Cee-Eff’s arrival at the hold-out of the Select means a small delay in their departure, as NanoBozho will have to reconfigure internal chambers for his size. Rosen is very very dubious about Cee-Eff’s strange new arm and states simply that if he sees signs of WC on Cee-Eff, he will end him. Sadako, a LT in the Select, gives the Cell some basic info on Garden-A, and they depart with Gregor as a pilot. In the turgid Depths, they see some bio-luminesce that would give Cee-Eff (if he was prone to such things) the creeps.

Shade believes this is the best course of action is to arrive at the River District, the first and largest of Garden-A’s sub-levels. They are arriving under false-but-solid pretences (Ren Xiao, a Ghede family head) which need to be tested, and they can expect to have to prove themselves sooner or later.

On approach, Shade picks up the carrier-wave of an online Mindscape – looks like the Red Sun are piggy-backing their customised imposality on top of the Protectorate web – their instance is full of brutal scenes of soul-trading technological fetishism all wrapped up in a superstitious skein. He hops in to the Mindscape and does a sweep of the crazy docks area and the thousands of individuals, golgols and fetishes represented there. When he tries to stealth through to the Fetish Market node, he is scoped by the appointed guards just long enough for them to pull his Mindscape I.D. He safely blinks out of the Mindscape and updates the others on the lay of the land. Shae and Cee-Eff both determine there is a Protectorate force on the surface, at stand-off range, watching and not engaging with Red Sun activity.

Gregor has got ‘Bozho to change its external colouring, to look a little more Reaver-ish and consistent with Ren’s bird-skull totem. Rosen is going to pretend to be Ren, and spends a bit of time on the comms telling people to get the hell out of their way. To illustrate that they are serious folk, Gregor has the ‘Bozho rise and crush a small Red Sun skiff, Leviathan-style. They find a free space on the docks. On disembarking, they are quickly attacked, an opportunistic Ghede family of 30 zealots, looking for the weak. The Cell quickly dispatch them in an audience-pleasing gory fashion, get some job offers and salutes over comms, and loot the bodies. Shade quickly gathers the family’s bound-spirit’s from the Mindscape and adds them to his own Halo, for that authentic Eater-of-Souls look. The Cell determine where their attackers had been staying, head there, make a show of taking possession of all their worldly goods, and generally look like they are not to be messed with.

Along the way, Rosen sees the formidable security on the ’tube heading to the Bluewater district, and sees the old woman who previously had sought out Zero, in the company of an impressive-looking ’Sunner, heading within. Cee-Eff puts together a very good map of Ghede areas here in the Quarter. Shade has little to add to it, but decades before, had been down in Bluewater, and should be familiar with its basic layout.

They head across the river (aka The Styx) to the market. On the way they see a floating agri-farm, protected by Protectorate troops and worked by hundreds of Doa genotypes. They watch for a while, see a Family steal one worker away and subject it to cruel surgery, and come to the conclusion that these Doa-a-likes are deliberately retarded or blank-formatted in some way. The Cell also see some non-Sunner independents doing business, especially around the protected agri-areas. These people look tough and embattled.

The Cell his the Fetish market. Rosen and Shade do some trading, consistent with their cover identities. If they get out of here with their goods, it should sort out their resourcing problems. They see slavers in action, trading in the living and the dead – looks like Red Sun caravans are rounding up people from small settlements in the Badlands, and pilgrims in sanctuary at the Ark, near the First City of Takarin.

Gossip is that Zorak Nazon is here, that it is his Big Ju-Ju that keeps the Protectorate forces passive, that there is going to be some sort of important confab between the high-ups, and that this has something to do with the New Breed of Red Sun converts that have been appearing recently, ready and eager to die at command. The Cell see some of these Zealots fighting and dying at the arena, they have no concept of self-preservation and show all the signs of severe Mindscape pruning and domination. They also see there is a Right of Challenge between Ghede high-ups. At the market, Shade gets made by a group of opportunists who have his Mindscape I.D. – his cover still holds, these opportunists know there is a bounty on anyone making any attempts to get close to Nazon’s quarters and will eagerly nark him in. He buys them off with word of a valuable drug stash, hidden below in the Bluewater district – if they get their pay-off quick, they won’t turn the Cell in.

The Cell also believe that Pascal, their contact, has been taken below to the Bluewater district, and commit to trying to get down there, past security.

Session 10 - In Depth

Session 10

Dust settling in Blackroot. CeeEff says need mindscape to keep body in box alive. Only mindscape controlled by crazy ass Lord of Changing Winds, locked up in box of his own. Rosen uses old school hardline – copper for fuck sake! – to talk with Winds. Negotiations go like shit. Winds wants Shade to enter box to talk face to face, like thinks we are fucking morons. Fucking asshole.

Carrot not working, Rosen brings out big stick. With CeeEff and Shade, hack the shit out of mindscape root – lock Winds out, take control, get small mindscape bubble to put man in box into. Shade gets into boxman’s halo. Turns out is “Lucky” Lewis – asshole who won lottery for place on Ishtar – big ship that oligarchs wanted to send to spread Freyr assholery outsystem. Turns out Lewis not so lucky. In halo – see Lewis was dumb shlub, think he luckiest fuck in Freyr when win lottery. Like fuck – got taken off world and genefucked and for what? Nothing – dumb fuck was too stupid even for obvious oligarch ratfuck mission. Gets dumped back to Freyr quiet-like – then after genefucking, mindfucking. Red Sun shitfucks get hold of him someway, hack shit out of Lewis’s shit-ass brainware – make him a happy sunhumping meatpuppet. Then luckless fuck get scooped up by Dreamer harvester, snip, snip – boxed up. Dying is only lucky thing that happen in whole sad fuck’s sorry-ass life.

Word of mindscape spread like dose of shits. Queue around block to get headfix. Franks keen to slurp up halo juice – good thing too, always need another angle. CeeEff get all twitchy. Soon see why. First Tears puts hard eye on Rosen, says contact means all mil have to leave BlackRoot, and Rosen is mil unit. Bloodthirsty uck has Rosen dead to rights. CeeEff is in on deal – has picked 60 ex-mils around BlackRoot that have to leave too. CeeEff might be on ratfuck, but OCD SysAI is OCD – just way First Tears is. No hard feelings. Easy play – Rosen and Shade take 60 ex-mils to RedRock, then come back and make new deal with First Tears.

Ex-mils not happy about leaving BlackRoot, but after Rosen explain way of world and plan to go RedRock, everyone chill fuck out and dig deep for silver linings. Two leaders in ex-mils – Sam – logistics specialist and Eze, gene-shaped sapper. Both solid, no bullshit, get with program with minimum fucking around. Rosen pull strings with Franks and Darkpool, get supplies for transit to RedRock. Once ready, Rosen, Shade and CeeEff lead exiles out of BlackRoot towards RedRock…

Session 11 - Notes

Bunker at end of tunnel old Atlas class mega digger appears to have carried troops was nuked about 100 years ago. Cee-Eff goes to explore what happened. Seems to be a secret oligarchs base?

Alpha and Xero have left Red Rock and gone to a mountain observatory when Rosen arrives at Red Rock.

Black Root

Establish trade route from Red Rock to the Black Root anti rads and meds for metals and manufactured goods. Run by 60-70 ex military evicted from Black Root.

Shade programmes droids to walk around and get people to report problems to the council and put them on the screen in the Dog Tag Chamber (Town Hall) named after the cannibal kid Shade had to kill in the arena as part of initial justice action. Dog Tag Chamber is DOA’s old seat of power. Their faces and names are famous heroes from Freyers past.

We vote for some stuff in new dog tag chamber.

Dark Pool send an automated message drone with a request to extract a mole in Gaurdania who has the IFF codes if we extract. Came through old MacMillian network in submarine.

Black Root contact = The Doctor – Redactor.

Shade works with Francois and Markus Chief Engineer to reverse engineer and investigate the protectorate and Red Sun technology recovered in the body of “Lucky”. Establish project 14B to see if the technology can be used as a defensive or offensive asset. Shade extracts the thanogram entity “Mind Ripper” residing in Lucky’s Personal Mindscape Instance. Mind Ripper seems to be a copy of an actual protectorate citizen Thanogram.

Maluklute Exponent is beaming a deep mason single directed at Shade from White Rock with a countdown showing the time left before he stops supporting the Clan Zhou women and children held hostage. Shade decides it is too dangerous to save children with limited resources and the priority to save the people at Black Root and also potentially save the mole with IFF codes.

Rosen and Shade move to top of mountain to get in contact with Dark Pool. See a massive Protectorate ship terraforming parts of White ROck into a battle force of automated drones target and purpose unknown. Rosen communicates with The Doctor and receives lots of data about the Mole and the extraction missions. Red Sun are having a gathering in Gaurdania.

Multiple gangs in Gaurdania. Red Sun seem to have some control or agreement with protectorate forces although this could be a result of their reverse engineering of Protectorate dreamer technolog. People seem to be disappearing and coming back with their personality changed.

Rosan and Shade decided to not rescue Women and Children from Malkuth and instead make for Gardania and try and extract mole with IFF code data as it is tactically more advantageous to the resistance effort. The make their way down to the tunnels and seek entry into the MacMillian network. Find a warf under control of a mercenary group called “The Select” established as a elite group of private military contractors under oligarch hire. Have a large number of inert Grells that seem to be missing their control signal that makes them operate.

Shade and Rosen have a tough negotiations with the leader of the group “Vikww” VIK seeking to access their most valuable commodity a living submersible and stress their resources brokering a deal.

Intomi Nanabosa – living bio submersible.

Session 9

Rendered by Cee-Eff …

Some admin to begin with…

Shade the Betrayer stayed much as he was, but his spiked mindscape implant is on the way to repair

Rosen the Criminal took a denaturing hot Oil bath to wipe the Z-Radiation from his body. He also became a “Big Ripple in the Darkpool”

Cee-Ef Saviour of Fresh Tears and all round do-gooder had a major overhaul with the help of Martaan Blackroots new Chief Technician. Fresh as daisies. He looks more athletic and deceitful too. (+1 in each skill)

Blackroot was buried deep. Rosen, admittedly with some skill and deception managed to bring down several tunnels and entrance-ways with clever use of explosives. So far, no one has come looking. Whilst Cee-Ef was being repaired and upgraded Rosen and Shade quickly go about establishing a New World Order with the violent help of the Slappyboys. Favours are traded and blackmail and heavy leaning is applied and all is back to normal in Blackroot.
A great plan is established and is being implemented in the Mid level meeting Centre, people are trading food and a semblance of society now exists. The Scions of Doa are still about and violence is everyday life is still an ever present threat. The Lord of Changing Winds has been capped within in his mindscape with the Scions building.

In a very public way, Cee Ef confronts the new Darkpool leadership in Blackroot. People notice the fractious infighting but Rosen comes out on top, promising order and peace. Cee-Ef stomps off out of Blackroot. He returns scorched and laser-seared with 30 base robots, recent in manufacture and purposed for security. These are handed over to Martaan and Fresh Tears

Cee-Ef argues more with Rosen and Shade, he doesnt seem happy with establishing a new world order, especially one based on criminality.

Despite all the arguing we do all agree on helping with the Carbon-Slabbed unit that Cee-Ef has been carrying around all this time. It seems to be dying. We determine the man name, an early adopter of the Ishtar Program from 4 years ago he left Freyr in order to go off world and colonise. What is he doing here? Cee-Ef also determines that the unit is sending a camouflaged signal, it’s a metronome like sync signal. It’s used primarily as a pre-assimilation preparation for the commonality. Disruption of the signal may buy the people of Freyr more time….

We also all agree that the Lord of Changing winds needs to be dealt with, and Shade is the only entity amongst us that can do it.

Session 8 (In Depth)


Session 8 Notes -rendered by Shade

Location – The Blender – Black Root

Rosen and Cee-Eff survive “MeatWar” @TheBlender. Holo screened for all the Black Rooters who care and are able. Taking stock as things settle for a little while = #calm.before.storm. ironymeme = #funnybecausetrue. Cee-Eff in recline mode. Location = his own bio-entrails. State = mostly inoperable, clearly eviscerated. His bulk and performance is impressive but he is afterall an ArcheoloTractor – tasked for soloOps + long dig cycles not genegineered for combat. Rosen as always physically fine #WarGrinder. ThanoPshchoState? who can say? Behind primary optic sensor blisters #orbsofmalice lies abyss of dark intent and too troubled past.

Location – Grav Hanger – Outside Blackroot

Shade = #DeepState (in a tool cupboard) sifting Memeorgrams from long.long.past=1. Since the fall, his past and present seem to be more immediate, physical, locally stored, condensed and harder to sift/tag. Without the #MarketScape he finds it hard to keep #PresentState coherent. Disturbed by White Rock events he struggles with balancing his [Conflict][Violation].operations.ledger in his nature core. His nature routines cluster on the LocalMinima of protecting women and children but conflict against the LocalMaxima of the #ClanMustEndure. The enemy’s MindScape allure was obvious, sprinkled liberally with high desire reward objects. The path to salvation for his clan could be compliance with the invaders and not resistance.

He awakes knowing the rescued children will be safe with the Crone but also the Crone loathes Shade for some past infidelity. He is unable to remember the details and outcome of that particular social transaction. He leaves to join the others in Black Root. He arrives, finds people trying to flee. Knowing this exodus could compromise the hidden nature of the Black Root location to the enemy he locks and seal the entrances. One small group of organic malcontents escape upwards overheard talking about selling the Black Root location to the enemy. They are tagged with #enemies and #dealwithlater.

Location – Black Root

Shade moves downwards toward Rosen and Cee-Eff. Rosen and Cee-Eff start dealing with a bomb about to be exploded in First Tears corpus. All hell is descending on Black Root as Doa’s forces = #ScionsofDoa, some few thousand zealots and 2 full combat teams of Freyer MilTac (geared for hardball) go full shooting war within the complex.

One combat team get crushed when a number of corridors fall on them due to the overzealous use of Termoplosives by the #ScionsofDoa. Cee-Eff and Rosen use a mix of intrusion and drones to tackle THE BOMB remotely from The Blender. Shade attempts to help disarm THE BOMB at a hard terminal but is ambushed by Coyote and his combat squad. Shade dodges through the squad, he seems to remember the timing subroutines used by the suit effectors taking Coyote with him and down into the effector shaft. Quick hacking of the combat suit and liberal use of the jump jets is necessary for them not to #SquishDie at the bottom as #innapropes Rosen blows the contingency EMPULSE, killing power, the AngelNet™ and wreaking havok on the facilities systems. Cee-Eef manages to save the First Tears corpus from nano-wipe and also deftly rearranges exo-memories, histricronicles, memeories and even swapping around some personality preference settings from the start/reboot menu.

Negotiate with Coyote. The team struggle to find leverage. Ultimately hard to find anything other than “Suicide by Resistance” mode Coyote appears set. Rosen and Shade think MilTac support would be useful and attempt DealAccord. Cee-Eff obstreperously disagrees. DealAccord reached after quick negotiation sync effort. Coyote leaves. Deal equitably achieved by all.

He is immediately betrayed by Cee-Eff. MilTac team and the techs under care are dropped right in the shit after AngleNet™ hack. Coyote and MilTac squad go #FangsOut. optimumCarnage + dangerClose = MeatWar. Scion force no match for full tactical response by MilTac team geared for close war CarnageOps™. Coyote takes Doa’s head. Doa apparently = Shade that was unable to ClanBond #BadMojo. Coyote doesn’t want throne. Drops rousing shortspeech LiteralRealRecord #28.008.7689 = “You want to fight, come with me.” takes best warriors and leaves. #WhoCanArgue?

Status Update = BlackRoot damaged, many survivors, leadership uncertain, Negotiations imminent.

Coyote knows he is betrayed as Cee-Eff whispertext “#Don’tCallMeSon” was last heard in ear comms as he is dropped directly into hard ball fightwar.

Cee-Eff increasingly hard to balance on social transaction ledger column=FriendAlly. Too long alone? Needs social protocols update?

Reordered to column = FrindLiability. Tags #crazy, #liability, #badforbusiness.

Session 7 (in depth)

[Best read in some sort of Russian accent !]

Rosen knows things fucked up with Blackroot when find the scavs. One have brains sprayed on tunnel wall; guy who did spraying, he bled out from gut-shot. Crazy meat-brain shit. Get iris wrench off body. Lemons, Lemonade.

CF and Rosen figure get into Blackroot nice and quiet like – Rosen through vents the way Rosen like it, CF through front hatch, because CF is big crazy shovel bot. Plan go to shit right away. Vents full of bad juju metal vine shit. No way Rosen touching that. Blackroot outer iris open, metal vine shit all over place. Dead meat too – all covered in frosty halon.

CF opens inner iris with wrench. Inside, Blackroot all kinds of fucked up. Top levels on full lockdown, corridors empty and cold as polar crab’s balls. FirstTears on comms, shouting some crazy ass shit about lottery. Numbers flashing on every hab door. Then numbers stop. Air gets pumped out, hatch pops up and fleshies inside come running out. Bad time for them – out in cold and fucking death plague in every breath. Sucks to be you.

Rosen head to Silhouette, see if Francs still kick, but SlappyBoyz guard central shaft, kicking metal ball around, making like tough guys. Don’t give Rosen much shit though. Say things fucked up in Blackroot, like Rosen has no fucking cameras in his head. FirstTears gone blood crazy they say. Running lottery to conserve good atmo, and spraying halon like cheap whore perfume to keep plague from burning through fleshies like aerogel. Dao holed up with all docs and many peeps. Clammed up shut, nothing in, nothing out. New guys in Blackroot – Tenders – suited up in milspec hazmat, armed to fucking teeth, with metal balls like one Slappyboyz kicking. CF say is kind of seed bot – spreading some shit into atmo. Not virus, something else. Metal shit started after they show up.

Silhouette locked down too – but Francs good people. Let Rosen and CF in. Place is full of mainly fleshies looking worried as fuck. Francs worried as fuck too. Fleshy Franc look sick, but holding shit together, not burst yet. CF get antigen out of blood sample with shit-hot science ninj and rig Francs’ minimaker to make antigen in metric fuckton. Rosen fucks with sensors so FirstTears not notice Flow getting used up. Rosen test first back on Fleshie Franc. Franc not very grateful. He shout a bit, then lose lunch in can. Feel better after that. More grateful. Is good.

Rosen get Francs to shoot people in Silhouette up with cure, then send some out to cure rest of fleshies in top levels. Of course, many assholes go every man for self, run fuck away. But this is Freyr, planet of assholes.

Little makestation working overtime. Start make plan to get shit under control. Get signal out to Darkpool molebot about fucked situation in Blackroot. Darkpool guys say things not good everywhere else too. War going south literal. “Free” cities not so free. Fucking Dreamers everywhere. Have Ogres – mega grav tanks, mil designation Skyfurnace – hunting for molebots and deepsites.

Darkpool guy tell story of FirstTears – was brain of meatpacking plant boosted by Darkpool to run Blackroot. Thinks something went wrong in boost – or maybe FirstTears crazy before came here – see too many sausages get made.

One thing about FreshTears – cannot break contract. Legal failsafe bullshit put in by oligarchs. Gives CF and Rosen idea. If take out FirstTears, motherfucker Dao just take over, but crazy Winds fucker in FirstTears seat – game over for Darkpool in Blackroot, thanks for playing. So must get FirstTears to make contract. CF and Rosen know only way to do that is through Blender and only way to Blender is down main shaft, route 1.

CF and Rosen jump into main shaft, shouting that want to fight in Blender, that can take anything FirstTears throw at them. This get FirstTears attention. Fall through Dao’s levels – many Dao soldier assholes try to waste CF and Rosen, but FirstTears put up effector shields and pass through right into middle of Blender. Blender is crazy shit-show, syths, masked up fleshies, hazsuited miltechs. CF and Rosen make contract with FirstTears, share cure with FirstTears, if FirstTears help throw mil assholes out of Blackroot and stop Dao pulling any shit, if CF and Rosen win in Blender. FirstTears makes deal, because is crazy blood junkie bot. Lights go low, big rumble, and biggest bad fuck Caustipede break out through hatch. Deepshit moment. CF not wait around – grab fucking monster and try to pin in place for Rosen to get clean shot. Caustipede fast bastard, break free – so Rosen only wing fucker with first shot. CF gets good grip, but monster is tough – wrap self good around CF. Then tail start wriggle and second fucking head start burst out of middle of ’Pede, want split in two. Rosen put fucking stop to this – shoots brain out of second head and it go limp, but first head still beating crap out of CF. CF tough fucker though – punches shit out of ’Pede, sets it nice for Rosen to put bad hurts on fucker. Thing goes crazy, bury acid jaws right into CF and rip out chunks. CF still standing though – lifts monster high into air – clean shot for Rosen. Blam! Fucking Caustipede is history. CF and Rosen are champions of Blender and have deal to sort shit out in Blackroot.

Session 6 (in TechnoVision)

Cut to Rosen ….

Two laser-bristling grav sleds are not enough to hinder Rosen – scum trader, and MDK enthusiast. Heroically diving downwards further into the depths of Whiterock he leads the soldiers of the Commonality away from his clumsy lumbering friends. Some well placed charges see him escape without consequence. The same cant be said for the structure he is currently in. It’s coming down around him.

Leading away from the main body storage unit he quickly interfaces with the old systems here to see if there is anything in this soon-to-be-rubble building worth saving. “This is some goddamn hero bullshit he mutters….”. Emphasis on the bullshit. Lifesigns… faint and few, in a Tycho industries medical facility. Looks BlackOps, off grid. Quiet. Should make for easy extract.

Eyes on target. Not so easy now. A dozen combat droids and some sort of heavily armed large transport unit. A quick scan from the gallery indicates 5 children in some definitely-not-kosher education scenario. They are being hooded and cajoled by Aunty-Bot. A Med-Spec Freyrn basic unit. It looks like these commonality droids are in the process of kidnapping the children for whatever horrible ends. Rosen already has his exit planned. Those jeffries tubes lead to gantrys and back out to some other corridors that will see him towards the main power shaft. From there, it’s just a case of riding one of the elevators up to freedom. Easy fuckin’ peasy.

They children are playing some fairly advanced complicated games based on economics and musical theory. All indications of highly developed mentality and senses. Weird kids. Sick kids. indications of Red XXXXX involvment. AuntyBot markings/alterations???

“Come this way if you want to live”…( no law suits here…. ) Rosen ushers the children out of the rear of the testing/schooling facility and into the dank and dirty tubes running between the rooms. (can’t remember if smoke grenade or explosion was triggered here).

They Scurry away all the while being pursued by the commonality soldiers. A running battle sees them escape up the main power shaft. Red XXXX guys are there. Lorne manages to get his hands on one of the little girls. Lorne knows Rosens weakness…. stupid mech has a heart. Well that’ll cost him. Kid gets thrown off the edge. Rosen leaps and manages to get the girl and kill 2/3 of the baddies. Lorne escapes and the children and saved. The kids help hack some systems and they all leave upwards. Solders get vaped.

(Not sure when Rosen did the scan for lifesigns and when he initialy destroyed the power capacity monitor that started the whole shitstorm)

Cut to Deep Red….

Myself (Cee-Ef) & Shade extricate ourselves from a badly damaged ambulance who answers to Saul. Not much of him left now. Alpha is going in and out of downtime, It does mention “Burning” Saul. Dont think I trust that intelligence. It’s forgot what it’s like to be the little guy. Thankfully it’s signal to AlphaPrime is bad and AlphaAvatar is as good useless out here in the wilds. Certainly can’t be trusted to fly, that’s for sure.

Deep Red is a abandoned deep core mining facility. Rads seem to be upwards of 42,000 mrem/pa which puts it into the dangerous levels for organics and foolishly unshielded Mechs. By my calc’s this place way Nuked During the War about a century back. The geology out here is playing hell with my sensors, and winds and charged particles aren’t helping either. Hopefully it’ll keep us all hidden from those sentry drones the Commonality has sent looking for us.

Saul sure as shit left a trail to follow. best get repaired and outta here sharpish. We’re in luck. The mining carts are the same basic template as the Mk 7 ambulances from about 75 years back. I them well. It only takes an hour or so with shades help to fix up the Band-Aid-Bus. Saul is thankful, but while we’re all busy some scum get the drop on us.
Palanseer Mk2 Trajectory drones hover about us…. a crackled digitised voice blurts out. Stand and deliver. Can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. Fuckin scum’ll pay for this. Assuming he aint bluffing, these drones are good indicators that there is an Artillery level weapon pointed at me. Worse thing is, it could be anywhere up to 500km away. He threatens, we negotiate. He wont yield, we kindly inform him of the plague and our heroic efforts to bolster the resistance. Looks like there’s some sort of community living deep down here. Shoulda known…. shoulda known. They want Saul. They can go fuck. Too many lives are on the line, and we’re not being hung out by scum like this. No matter the cost.
The cost ends up being Alpha… and it seems glad to help, after it was challenged properly. Alpha and Zero head towards teh facility and myself Saul and shade escape to WhiteRock. Alpha manages to ping us before we leave…. The community seems to be about 40 people in dire straits. Alpha will get their facility back up and running.

We meet Rosen back at Sauls previous resting place. The children, although fragile, and sick, can’t stay with us. Rosen thinks The Crone of Zhou Zu will take them in for a price. I hope he’s right. Rosen makes the call. One of the kids gives Rosen a present (quantum entangled teddybear) . I think i heard Rosen crying, (can’t be sure. Must fabricate evidence)
After an hour or so we’re back on track for BlackRoot. The children were packed away in an underslung monorail carrier (Designation SP1-D3R8)

Session 5

Started just above the entrance to the Protectorate controlled underground vault (storage facility for de-limbed tech enhanced freyer population) carved inside the mountain. Team are on a gangplank. Entire mountain protectorate security system are in high alert preparing to seal the vault.

Team just secured blood sample of antigen for JAP from fractious rebel group.

Xero sucubs to JAP and his personal force field drops releasing pathogen into air filtration system and localised atmosphere within mountain complex.

This has the effect of setting the base security system and aggressor Protectorate forces on ACTIVE high alert. Heat goes to ridiculous and Murder Death Kick Squads are immediately sent to team’s location.

6 rebels lead away from gangplank after giving us a blood vial containing JAP antigen. As soon as alarms go off Protectorate escort open fire and kill these 6 people.

3 dedicated squads of murder bots arrive. Rosen leads 2 of them away using distraction and combat expertise.

Group seek to escape and Xero plots an escape route leading upwards to a mountain top landing pad.

KC arrives independently and comes into range of team and local comms.

Alpha primes shuttle, assess damage and begins some light repairs. Alpha enters the local mindscape “imposality” to communicate with team and run distraction.

Local team (Xero, Shade and KC) fall under attack from 1 remaining MDK squad that arrive via elevator. Xero attempts to lay down suppressing fire but misses and leaves suspensor bridge damaged and even more useful to attacking force.

KC breaks into interior and uses bulk as a shield to get squad to service gantry access control port. Shade hacks OLD hard line terminal and bypasses security to open access to interior ventilation duct system leading to mountain top landing pad emergency escape pad. Interior jeffries tubes too small for KC bulk.

Team seperate still under fire. Xero and Shafe enter ducts and move upwards. KC remains and attempts escape under fire through interior main access grav lifter. Conflict ensues with KS maneuvering, fighting and confusing enemies.

Shade enters imposality and is contacted by Protectorate and discovers clan Zhou members are particularly resistant to attempts by the Protectorate to bring them into their mindscape and they need Shade to help them break this encryption using his archived clan memories. Shade gets his mindscape implant destroyed/shortcircuted by Xero as he finds it hard to resist.

Team meet up with Alpha and the shuttle and escape into the storm under chase and under fire.

Team perform evasive manoeuvres using the storm as cover and use the shuttles sensors to scan for what the impossibility are doing which involves the remnants of the lix tetrax hull in near orbit and a singularity gravimetric disturbances using re-purposed mountain weapons emplacements.

Landed in disused mining complex close to black root.

Session 4

Shade blitzed the comms on the shuttle so it couldn’t be taken over by external factors.

Shade has a quick chat with the onboard AI, Alpha gives away credentials.

Zero gets scanned by the shuttle, it confirms the bioweapon was created 72 hours previous. Some modifications exist to the original pattern, but are unknown.

Alpha pilots partway to the tower, past the floating Protectorate Doom Machine.

We dock in the tower, signs of vivisectioned bodies. Floors have been removed and replaced with semi transparent flooring. Whole place is being stripped to the bones. Dreamer drones are downloading the medical files.

Shade is well out of date.

Hack the mainframe – antigen to EI123 (“Just Another Pathogen” or “JAP”) was checked out manually by Freyri technican (“Malinson”) and used in the makepoints in off hours, covertly, under the Dreamers’ eyes. Got a picture of the guy – he’s downstairs right now, working on the makepoint.

Antigen appears to have been manufactured a little after the bio weapon was manufactured.

Malinson is part of a previous Freyri security team (“Martingale Security”). Other three in the group are: Diego, Chung, Paz.

Shade reschedules Malinson to come repair our shuttle (which we’re still in). Communicates with Malinson over the tight beam on the side of the shuttle. Malinson will try to make contact with the Highlanders who instigated the whole thing?

We are left waiting in shuttle for Malinson to come back.

At that point we set to arguing about what to do next. Shade is torn between leaving and staying, Alpha wants to leave, Rosen wants to explore the facility, and Zero is rolling against disease and using up all the energy in the sonic shower.

We split – Rosen, Shade and Zero stealth their way into the complex, Alpha decides to leave in the shuttle when it’s clear to do so.

Managing to find and follow Malinson, Rosen follows the bridge across to the central peak, where Malinson makes contact with members of the Highlanders.

It seems apparent that Malinson’s efforts to coerce the Highlanders into giving up the antidote are failing, so we make contact ourselves.

Rosen establishes contact through the taptap military code from a vent. Aided by some coersion from Zero, the Highlander Grunt gives up some of his own blood as an antidote sample.

The lower half of the peak has been excavated to create a holding area for newly aquired Freyri Dreamers. Post-procedure Freyri line the cavern in the thousands, in Dreaming states.

Zero, feeling the impending end of the virus, quietly turns off the haze field and allows Dreamer system to get infected.


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