Session 1

Below White Rock

Rosen is given a lead (via the 4 Francs and the Night Cartel) to a corporate holding in the (hopefully) deserted tunnels beneath the mountain city of White Rock – Rosen thinks it’s worth following up on this (*)

The corp holding is an eidolon processing centre … and Francois believes there may be eidolons sitting in storage, just waiting for “rescue” and incorporation.

Local electrical storms will provide some cover from Protectorate scans and their Imposality – so there’s a window of opportunity.

The complex was owned by Tycho Industries, a leading vehicle/automative/grav-flyer producer – would not expect them to have Eidolon interests.

Cee-Eff, Rosen and the Shade enter the facility and start accessing the systems manually.

The Shade’s oligarch access codes are helpful, indicating Clan Zhou had some undeclared interests here … this location must be more important than it seems. (*)

There is a confusing structure of data, and Cee-Eff keeps digging into the systems (*), trying to make sense of it when ….
…. a formidable Protectorate Harvester (pic attached, please add teeth-grating anti-grav hum and ominous music) and four IT-1 ‘Ledder’ synthetics enter the centre, heading for the servers.

Working quickly, the Cell retrieve almost 200 eidolons, discovering “accounting anomalies” that thousands more Eidolons have been disappeared over decades-long time-frame … and that there is a covert q-encryption hard-line from this office to a locale within Alpha’s perimeter.

The Protectorate forces are blocking the way, so a fight breaks out. Rosen gains control over the grav-lift, and with precise railgun fire is able to keep the Harvester on the ropes. Cee-Eff is able to smash a new exit between the levels so there is a way down, and Shade activates his Mindscape implant to impede the Protectorate override of all local systems. Physically, the Cell hold their own but the invaders’ Electronic Warfare is brutally effective, capable of sending shutdown and override commands to their synthetic systems and genoforms.

Shade’s internals screech that his Mindscape implant has been compromised, and Rosen’s systems go into spasm – the Imposality has a foothold in his systems. Cee-Eff physically picks up the downed and brute forces their way out, though unfortunately without the downloaded Eidolons – the Harvester’s tether gun seized the storage unit as the Cell withdrew.

  • markers indicate Compels.



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