Session 10 - In Depth

Session 10

Dust settling in Blackroot. CeeEff says need mindscape to keep body in box alive. Only mindscape controlled by crazy ass Lord of Changing Winds, locked up in box of his own. Rosen uses old school hardline – copper for fuck sake! – to talk with Winds. Negotiations go like shit. Winds wants Shade to enter box to talk face to face, like thinks we are fucking morons. Fucking asshole.

Carrot not working, Rosen brings out big stick. With CeeEff and Shade, hack the shit out of mindscape root – lock Winds out, take control, get small mindscape bubble to put man in box into. Shade gets into boxman’s halo. Turns out is “Lucky” Lewis – asshole who won lottery for place on Ishtar – big ship that oligarchs wanted to send to spread Freyr assholery outsystem. Turns out Lewis not so lucky. In halo – see Lewis was dumb shlub, think he luckiest fuck in Freyr when win lottery. Like fuck – got taken off world and genefucked and for what? Nothing – dumb fuck was too stupid even for obvious oligarch ratfuck mission. Gets dumped back to Freyr quiet-like – then after genefucking, mindfucking. Red Sun shitfucks get hold of him someway, hack shit out of Lewis’s shit-ass brainware – make him a happy sunhumping meatpuppet. Then luckless fuck get scooped up by Dreamer harvester, snip, snip – boxed up. Dying is only lucky thing that happen in whole sad fuck’s sorry-ass life.

Word of mindscape spread like dose of shits. Queue around block to get headfix. Franks keen to slurp up halo juice – good thing too, always need another angle. CeeEff get all twitchy. Soon see why. First Tears puts hard eye on Rosen, says contact means all mil have to leave BlackRoot, and Rosen is mil unit. Bloodthirsty uck has Rosen dead to rights. CeeEff is in on deal – has picked 60 ex-mils around BlackRoot that have to leave too. CeeEff might be on ratfuck, but OCD SysAI is OCD – just way First Tears is. No hard feelings. Easy play – Rosen and Shade take 60 ex-mils to RedRock, then come back and make new deal with First Tears.

Ex-mils not happy about leaving BlackRoot, but after Rosen explain way of world and plan to go RedRock, everyone chill fuck out and dig deep for silver linings. Two leaders in ex-mils – Sam – logistics specialist and Eze, gene-shaped sapper. Both solid, no bullshit, get with program with minimum fucking around. Rosen pull strings with Franks and Darkpool, get supplies for transit to RedRock. Once ready, Rosen, Shade and CeeEff lead exiles out of BlackRoot towards RedRock…



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