Session 11 - Notes

Bunker at end of tunnel old Atlas class mega digger appears to have carried troops was nuked about 100 years ago. Cee-Eff goes to explore what happened. Seems to be a secret oligarchs base?

Alpha and Xero have left Red Rock and gone to a mountain observatory when Rosen arrives at Red Rock.

Black Root

Establish trade route from Red Rock to the Black Root anti rads and meds for metals and manufactured goods. Run by 60-70 ex military evicted from Black Root.

Shade programmes droids to walk around and get people to report problems to the council and put them on the screen in the Dog Tag Chamber (Town Hall) named after the cannibal kid Shade had to kill in the arena as part of initial justice action. Dog Tag Chamber is DOA’s old seat of power. Their faces and names are famous heroes from Freyers past.

We vote for some stuff in new dog tag chamber.

Dark Pool send an automated message drone with a request to extract a mole in Gaurdania who has the IFF codes if we extract. Came through old MacMillian network in submarine.

Black Root contact = The Doctor – Redactor.

Shade works with Francois and Markus Chief Engineer to reverse engineer and investigate the protectorate and Red Sun technology recovered in the body of “Lucky”. Establish project 14B to see if the technology can be used as a defensive or offensive asset. Shade extracts the thanogram entity “Mind Ripper” residing in Lucky’s Personal Mindscape Instance. Mind Ripper seems to be a copy of an actual protectorate citizen Thanogram.

Maluklute Exponent is beaming a deep mason single directed at Shade from White Rock with a countdown showing the time left before he stops supporting the Clan Zhou women and children held hostage. Shade decides it is too dangerous to save children with limited resources and the priority to save the people at Black Root and also potentially save the mole with IFF codes.

Rosen and Shade move to top of mountain to get in contact with Dark Pool. See a massive Protectorate ship terraforming parts of White ROck into a battle force of automated drones target and purpose unknown. Rosen communicates with The Doctor and receives lots of data about the Mole and the extraction missions. Red Sun are having a gathering in Gaurdania.

Multiple gangs in Gaurdania. Red Sun seem to have some control or agreement with protectorate forces although this could be a result of their reverse engineering of Protectorate dreamer technolog. People seem to be disappearing and coming back with their personality changed.

Rosan and Shade decided to not rescue Women and Children from Malkuth and instead make for Gardania and try and extract mole with IFF code data as it is tactically more advantageous to the resistance effort. The make their way down to the tunnels and seek entry into the MacMillian network. Find a warf under control of a mercenary group called “The Select” established as a elite group of private military contractors under oligarch hire. Have a large number of inert Grells that seem to be missing their control signal that makes them operate.

Shade and Rosen have a tough negotiations with the leader of the group “Vikww” VIK seeking to access their most valuable commodity a living submersible and stress their resources brokering a deal.

Intomi Nanabosa – living bio submersible.



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