Session 5

Started just above the entrance to the Protectorate controlled underground vault (storage facility for de-limbed tech enhanced freyer population) carved inside the mountain. Team are on a gangplank. Entire mountain protectorate security system are in high alert preparing to seal the vault.

Team just secured blood sample of antigen for JAP from fractious rebel group.

Xero sucubs to JAP and his personal force field drops releasing pathogen into air filtration system and localised atmosphere within mountain complex.

This has the effect of setting the base security system and aggressor Protectorate forces on ACTIVE high alert. Heat goes to ridiculous and Murder Death Kick Squads are immediately sent to team’s location.

6 rebels lead away from gangplank after giving us a blood vial containing JAP antigen. As soon as alarms go off Protectorate escort open fire and kill these 6 people.

3 dedicated squads of murder bots arrive. Rosen leads 2 of them away using distraction and combat expertise.

Group seek to escape and Xero plots an escape route leading upwards to a mountain top landing pad.

KC arrives independently and comes into range of team and local comms.

Alpha primes shuttle, assess damage and begins some light repairs. Alpha enters the local mindscape “imposality” to communicate with team and run distraction.

Local team (Xero, Shade and KC) fall under attack from 1 remaining MDK squad that arrive via elevator. Xero attempts to lay down suppressing fire but misses and leaves suspensor bridge damaged and even more useful to attacking force.

KC breaks into interior and uses bulk as a shield to get squad to service gantry access control port. Shade hacks OLD hard line terminal and bypasses security to open access to interior ventilation duct system leading to mountain top landing pad emergency escape pad. Interior jeffries tubes too small for KC bulk.

Team seperate still under fire. Xero and Shafe enter ducts and move upwards. KC remains and attempts escape under fire through interior main access grav lifter. Conflict ensues with KS maneuvering, fighting and confusing enemies.

Shade enters imposality and is contacted by Protectorate and discovers clan Zhou members are particularly resistant to attempts by the Protectorate to bring them into their mindscape and they need Shade to help them break this encryption using his archived clan memories. Shade gets his mindscape implant destroyed/shortcircuted by Xero as he finds it hard to resist.

Team meet up with Alpha and the shuttle and escape into the storm under chase and under fire.

Team perform evasive manoeuvres using the storm as cover and use the shuttles sensors to scan for what the impossibility are doing which involves the remnants of the lix tetrax hull in near orbit and a singularity gravimetric disturbances using re-purposed mountain weapons emplacements.

Landed in disused mining complex close to black root.



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