Session 6 (in TechnoVision)

Cut to Rosen ….

Two laser-bristling grav sleds are not enough to hinder Rosen – scum trader, and MDK enthusiast. Heroically diving downwards further into the depths of Whiterock he leads the soldiers of the Commonality away from his clumsy lumbering friends. Some well placed charges see him escape without consequence. The same cant be said for the structure he is currently in. It’s coming down around him.

Leading away from the main body storage unit he quickly interfaces with the old systems here to see if there is anything in this soon-to-be-rubble building worth saving. “This is some goddamn hero bullshit he mutters….”. Emphasis on the bullshit. Lifesigns… faint and few, in a Tycho industries medical facility. Looks BlackOps, off grid. Quiet. Should make for easy extract.

Eyes on target. Not so easy now. A dozen combat droids and some sort of heavily armed large transport unit. A quick scan from the gallery indicates 5 children in some definitely-not-kosher education scenario. They are being hooded and cajoled by Aunty-Bot. A Med-Spec Freyrn basic unit. It looks like these commonality droids are in the process of kidnapping the children for whatever horrible ends. Rosen already has his exit planned. Those jeffries tubes lead to gantrys and back out to some other corridors that will see him towards the main power shaft. From there, it’s just a case of riding one of the elevators up to freedom. Easy fuckin’ peasy.

They children are playing some fairly advanced complicated games based on economics and musical theory. All indications of highly developed mentality and senses. Weird kids. Sick kids. indications of Red XXXXX involvment. AuntyBot markings/alterations???

“Come this way if you want to live”…( no law suits here…. ) Rosen ushers the children out of the rear of the testing/schooling facility and into the dank and dirty tubes running between the rooms. (can’t remember if smoke grenade or explosion was triggered here).

They Scurry away all the while being pursued by the commonality soldiers. A running battle sees them escape up the main power shaft. Red XXXX guys are there. Lorne manages to get his hands on one of the little girls. Lorne knows Rosens weakness…. stupid mech has a heart. Well that’ll cost him. Kid gets thrown off the edge. Rosen leaps and manages to get the girl and kill 2/3 of the baddies. Lorne escapes and the children and saved. The kids help hack some systems and they all leave upwards. Solders get vaped.

(Not sure when Rosen did the scan for lifesigns and when he initialy destroyed the power capacity monitor that started the whole shitstorm)

Cut to Deep Red….

Myself (Cee-Ef) & Shade extricate ourselves from a badly damaged ambulance who answers to Saul. Not much of him left now. Alpha is going in and out of downtime, It does mention “Burning” Saul. Dont think I trust that intelligence. It’s forgot what it’s like to be the little guy. Thankfully it’s signal to AlphaPrime is bad and AlphaAvatar is as good useless out here in the wilds. Certainly can’t be trusted to fly, that’s for sure.

Deep Red is a abandoned deep core mining facility. Rads seem to be upwards of 42,000 mrem/pa which puts it into the dangerous levels for organics and foolishly unshielded Mechs. By my calc’s this place way Nuked During the War about a century back. The geology out here is playing hell with my sensors, and winds and charged particles aren’t helping either. Hopefully it’ll keep us all hidden from those sentry drones the Commonality has sent looking for us.

Saul sure as shit left a trail to follow. best get repaired and outta here sharpish. We’re in luck. The mining carts are the same basic template as the Mk 7 ambulances from about 75 years back. I them well. It only takes an hour or so with shades help to fix up the Band-Aid-Bus. Saul is thankful, but while we’re all busy some scum get the drop on us.
Palanseer Mk2 Trajectory drones hover about us…. a crackled digitised voice blurts out. Stand and deliver. Can’t believe I didn’t see this coming. Fuckin scum’ll pay for this. Assuming he aint bluffing, these drones are good indicators that there is an Artillery level weapon pointed at me. Worse thing is, it could be anywhere up to 500km away. He threatens, we negotiate. He wont yield, we kindly inform him of the plague and our heroic efforts to bolster the resistance. Looks like there’s some sort of community living deep down here. Shoulda known…. shoulda known. They want Saul. They can go fuck. Too many lives are on the line, and we’re not being hung out by scum like this. No matter the cost.
The cost ends up being Alpha… and it seems glad to help, after it was challenged properly. Alpha and Zero head towards teh facility and myself Saul and shade escape to WhiteRock. Alpha manages to ping us before we leave…. The community seems to be about 40 people in dire straits. Alpha will get their facility back up and running.

We meet Rosen back at Sauls previous resting place. The children, although fragile, and sick, can’t stay with us. Rosen thinks The Crone of Zhou Zu will take them in for a price. I hope he’s right. Rosen makes the call. One of the kids gives Rosen a present (quantum entangled teddybear) . I think i heard Rosen crying, (can’t be sure. Must fabricate evidence)
After an hour or so we’re back on track for BlackRoot. The children were packed away in an underslung monorail carrier (Designation SP1-D3R8)



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