Session 7 (in depth)

[Best read in some sort of Russian accent !]

Rosen knows things fucked up with Blackroot when find the scavs. One have brains sprayed on tunnel wall; guy who did spraying, he bled out from gut-shot. Crazy meat-brain shit. Get iris wrench off body. Lemons, Lemonade.

CF and Rosen figure get into Blackroot nice and quiet like – Rosen through vents the way Rosen like it, CF through front hatch, because CF is big crazy shovel bot. Plan go to shit right away. Vents full of bad juju metal vine shit. No way Rosen touching that. Blackroot outer iris open, metal vine shit all over place. Dead meat too – all covered in frosty halon.

CF opens inner iris with wrench. Inside, Blackroot all kinds of fucked up. Top levels on full lockdown, corridors empty and cold as polar crab’s balls. FirstTears on comms, shouting some crazy ass shit about lottery. Numbers flashing on every hab door. Then numbers stop. Air gets pumped out, hatch pops up and fleshies inside come running out. Bad time for them – out in cold and fucking death plague in every breath. Sucks to be you.

Rosen head to Silhouette, see if Francs still kick, but SlappyBoyz guard central shaft, kicking metal ball around, making like tough guys. Don’t give Rosen much shit though. Say things fucked up in Blackroot, like Rosen has no fucking cameras in his head. FirstTears gone blood crazy they say. Running lottery to conserve good atmo, and spraying halon like cheap whore perfume to keep plague from burning through fleshies like aerogel. Dao holed up with all docs and many peeps. Clammed up shut, nothing in, nothing out. New guys in Blackroot – Tenders – suited up in milspec hazmat, armed to fucking teeth, with metal balls like one Slappyboyz kicking. CF say is kind of seed bot – spreading some shit into atmo. Not virus, something else. Metal shit started after they show up.

Silhouette locked down too – but Francs good people. Let Rosen and CF in. Place is full of mainly fleshies looking worried as fuck. Francs worried as fuck too. Fleshy Franc look sick, but holding shit together, not burst yet. CF get antigen out of blood sample with shit-hot science ninj and rig Francs’ minimaker to make antigen in metric fuckton. Rosen fucks with sensors so FirstTears not notice Flow getting used up. Rosen test first back on Fleshie Franc. Franc not very grateful. He shout a bit, then lose lunch in can. Feel better after that. More grateful. Is good.

Rosen get Francs to shoot people in Silhouette up with cure, then send some out to cure rest of fleshies in top levels. Of course, many assholes go every man for self, run fuck away. But this is Freyr, planet of assholes.

Little makestation working overtime. Start make plan to get shit under control. Get signal out to Darkpool molebot about fucked situation in Blackroot. Darkpool guys say things not good everywhere else too. War going south literal. “Free” cities not so free. Fucking Dreamers everywhere. Have Ogres – mega grav tanks, mil designation Skyfurnace – hunting for molebots and deepsites.

Darkpool guy tell story of FirstTears – was brain of meatpacking plant boosted by Darkpool to run Blackroot. Thinks something went wrong in boost – or maybe FirstTears crazy before came here – see too many sausages get made.

One thing about FreshTears – cannot break contract. Legal failsafe bullshit put in by oligarchs. Gives CF and Rosen idea. If take out FirstTears, motherfucker Dao just take over, but crazy Winds fucker in FirstTears seat – game over for Darkpool in Blackroot, thanks for playing. So must get FirstTears to make contract. CF and Rosen know only way to do that is through Blender and only way to Blender is down main shaft, route 1.

CF and Rosen jump into main shaft, shouting that want to fight in Blender, that can take anything FirstTears throw at them. This get FirstTears attention. Fall through Dao’s levels – many Dao soldier assholes try to waste CF and Rosen, but FirstTears put up effector shields and pass through right into middle of Blender. Blender is crazy shit-show, syths, masked up fleshies, hazsuited miltechs. CF and Rosen make contract with FirstTears, share cure with FirstTears, if FirstTears help throw mil assholes out of Blackroot and stop Dao pulling any shit, if CF and Rosen win in Blender. FirstTears makes deal, because is crazy blood junkie bot. Lights go low, big rumble, and biggest bad fuck Caustipede break out through hatch. Deepshit moment. CF not wait around – grab fucking monster and try to pin in place for Rosen to get clean shot. Caustipede fast bastard, break free – so Rosen only wing fucker with first shot. CF gets good grip, but monster is tough – wrap self good around CF. Then tail start wriggle and second fucking head start burst out of middle of ’Pede, want split in two. Rosen put fucking stop to this – shoots brain out of second head and it go limp, but first head still beating crap out of CF. CF tough fucker though – punches shit out of ’Pede, sets it nice for Rosen to put bad hurts on fucker. Thing goes crazy, bury acid jaws right into CF and rip out chunks. CF still standing though – lifts monster high into air – clean shot for Rosen. Blam! Fucking Caustipede is history. CF and Rosen are champions of Blender and have deal to sort shit out in Blackroot.



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