Session 13 - In Depth

Flash back to Zero, helping a more-and-more isolationist Alpha liase with the members of DeepRed, the once nuked mining and processing facility 100km out of White Rock. Several weeks pass and Alphas’ signal to this unit is fading more and more, could it be the atmospheric alterations? An expedition is planned for Zero and a few guys from DeepRed on behalf of alphas signal and the colonists supplies.

They find an observatory point high in the hills and after a shooty introduction that is almost the status quo around here they eventually get face to face and sort it out. Zero recognised some military grade materiel installed here, and he blags the current occupants (some do-gooder scav monkies that have been here for a while) that he is here to collect the “package”… although he’s early. Zero negotiated a trade route with DeepRed and plans to aide these Scavs where possible. After a while the real military show up. Zero negotiates with them and after inserting some “I’m obviously high grade agency” lingo into the conversation he asks to be take to their leader.

General Navar is accepting of the intel, although ultimately suspicious of any tendril of the Lix Tetrax’s plan, but it seems that Zero is key. After all only he knows the self destruct codes that need to be manually entered into the Lix Tretrax mainframe cortex in order to destroy it. Of course that involves getting up to orbit where the carcass of the vessel now hangs, every growing with alien mass. Several routes up are proposes, all sound a little risky. Alphas route is probably easiest, although crawling with enemy. Better than flying up against ArcFall. Zero spends some time with the military before contacting his colleagues and heading out towards GardenA

Flash forward some time…

GardenA, The market pits, some guard-dog-scum that had scanned the MAC-ID of Shade of Xi-Zhou force our hand. Shades snooping has cost us unfortunately. We promised them something and now they’re forcing us under to the Blue to order to get it. Some drug-fab plant hidden away in some unknown tunnels. Shade does however manage to swap the MAC-ID’s with their leader, suppose not all bad. We venture below, I find a way, back near the supertanker-come-denOfVillany&Scum there was a few fissures into the rock, the type of sedimentary crap that dissolves over time by sulphuric vapours. We use these to get below although due to the atmosphere the biologicals amongst us must remain… we thought this would create an advantage… we might be wrong. Shade must remain with them, a giant WAL-D0 class warbot has him dead to right. A second WAL-D0 and 2 groups of the scum follow with us, we wind our way down the fissure until we come to man made areas… the sealed doors up ahead have a familiar sight around them. The silvery jagged buzz-leaves of the metallic plants shimmer here. Their purple flowering ejecting nano spore into the already toxic atmosphere. We smell E.V.E. – Through tight band UV laser we open comms.

E.V.E. wants out, it’s been exiled down here, it needs champions, and judging on the tens of thousands of the scum that live above it, it may be our only weapon. We have to prove ourselves, and must run the gauntlet. 70 years ago this place might have housed a bio-Pharma plant but not any more, it’s now testing and fabbing, something all the more sinister is going on here. The WAL-D0 and the Nanshan get multisected, burned, chem-souped and stung to death. Thankfully, our years of silent service indentured slavery aid us here. We make it to the final room (which is also trapped) – E.V.E. opens commas again and negotiates with us once more. We explain our situation and it dishes what INTEL it can. Turns out this invasion started 70+ years ago and the Up-teching of certain sectors of Freyr life has been on the go for a lot longer than we though.

We have our work cut out for us.



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