Session 9

Rendered by Cee-Eff …

Some admin to begin with…

Shade the Betrayer stayed much as he was, but his spiked mindscape implant is on the way to repair

Rosen the Criminal took a denaturing hot Oil bath to wipe the Z-Radiation from his body. He also became a “Big Ripple in the Darkpool”

Cee-Ef Saviour of Fresh Tears and all round do-gooder had a major overhaul with the help of Martaan Blackroots new Chief Technician. Fresh as daisies. He looks more athletic and deceitful too. (+1 in each skill)

Blackroot was buried deep. Rosen, admittedly with some skill and deception managed to bring down several tunnels and entrance-ways with clever use of explosives. So far, no one has come looking. Whilst Cee-Ef was being repaired and upgraded Rosen and Shade quickly go about establishing a New World Order with the violent help of the Slappyboys. Favours are traded and blackmail and heavy leaning is applied and all is back to normal in Blackroot.
A great plan is established and is being implemented in the Mid level meeting Centre, people are trading food and a semblance of society now exists. The Scions of Doa are still about and violence is everyday life is still an ever present threat. The Lord of Changing Winds has been capped within in his mindscape with the Scions building.

In a very public way, Cee Ef confronts the new Darkpool leadership in Blackroot. People notice the fractious infighting but Rosen comes out on top, promising order and peace. Cee-Ef stomps off out of Blackroot. He returns scorched and laser-seared with 30 base robots, recent in manufacture and purposed for security. These are handed over to Martaan and Fresh Tears

Cee-Ef argues more with Rosen and Shade, he doesnt seem happy with establishing a new world order, especially one based on criminality.

Despite all the arguing we do all agree on helping with the Carbon-Slabbed unit that Cee-Ef has been carrying around all this time. It seems to be dying. We determine the man name, an early adopter of the Ishtar Program from 4 years ago he left Freyr in order to go off world and colonise. What is he doing here? Cee-Ef also determines that the unit is sending a camouflaged signal, it’s a metronome like sync signal. It’s used primarily as a pre-assimilation preparation for the commonality. Disruption of the signal may buy the people of Freyr more time….

We also all agree that the Lord of Changing winds needs to be dealt with, and Shade is the only entity amongst us that can do it.



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