Location - White Rock

White Rock

Pre-Invasion population : 1.2 million (Mainly corporate employees, families, security forces, limited tourism)

Current population : Approx. 600,000K biologicals, ghetto-ized. White Rock’s pre-existing security and surveillance facilities now service the Dreamers. Many biologicals now in work details, so industry of some form does continue. Omnipresent surveillance, armed Protectorate troops, and the mental conditioning weight of the Dreamer Imposality ensure compliance. Providing for this number of captives is a vast logistical exercise, with most necessary resources being imported along the captured (and highly defended) Polar MagRail link.

At least 150,000 Eidolon-level synthetics and higher-functioning Basics within the perimeter have been destroyed or repurposed since the city was seized, in an efficient and ongoing Dreamer pogrom.

Notable People :

Exponent Malkuth, a high-ranking(?) organic(?) Protectorate synthetic, who seems to be acting as people-facing Commandant over the White Rock prisoners.
Allied Defence Works majority stock holder, Chancellor Farzahd Hemami (alive, acting as interlocutor between the Dreamers and the citizen population.)
Militia Commander : Nicole Belouche (deceased, killed during the last action of the siege of White Rock. The efforts of the Militia allowing tens of thousands of civilians to escape through the sub-city)
Mykael Navar, regional commander of H.A forces (alive, believed to be leading remnant Resistance forces in the area)

Associated Military Units : 25th Conservator Regiment (Humanist Alliance force, decimated), Kraestin Irregulars (a.k.a ‘The Tunnel Rats’, dispersed), Kaet Highlander Regiment (dispersed). Very limited GReL forces.

General Info :

White Rock is situated within the highest mountain range on Freyr, with much of the city being subterranean. It was established in the second area of colonisation to tap the area’s mineral resources and as a result tunnels honeycomb the mountains. White Rock has the highest elevation of any city on the planet. It is located in the Sunward northern Hemisphere in what are commonly called the Badlands. While strictly an independent city, most of the corporate infrastructure had strong economic ties to the Humanist Alliance, and so Southern troops provided must of the security and defence which were called upon during the Invasion.

The city is spread across three mountains, the largest part being in the central peak, named Kaet. The main military production facilities are in its sister mountain, Kaethrin, with the military garrison and main recreational and shopping areas in the third sister, Kraestin.

The city is made up of discs and toruses of habitable areas, each level joined by lifts and corkscrew road networks. In various places, huge multi-storey windows allow natural light into the complex. The three mountains are linked at the lowest levels by tunnels and the upper levels by aerial triangular tube bridges designed to cope with the wind, rain and lightning that plague the region.

The primary water tower, above the city, was the highest man-made structure in the hemisphere. Though damaged, this structure survived the siege and conquest by Protectorate forces.

The three primary industries of White Rock were machine tools, vehicular manufacturing and defence related production. Some mining and refining still took place pre-invasion, although no longer enough for export – the local industries presently require the import of large quantities of refined metals.

The Directors of the city (dominated by reps from Allied Defence Works) were slow to release assets and schematics to the war effort, perhaps unconvinced of the magnitude of the Protectorate threat in the face of their initially weak surface assaults. The city had no conventional defence to the Dreamers’ sudden adoption of mass Mindscape Domination and MindBurn assaults – and fell quickly to this new kind of war. As a result, vast quantities of materiel that might have proved pivotal in later war efforts still sits siloed and unused beneath the mountains. Rumours that White Rock refugees fled with schematics to new weapons that might still see the light of day and turn the tide are common rumours among the Resistance.

A Humanist Alliance Central Command Facility (CCF) was also here, under several hundred meters of rock, to protect trans-national corporate interests. It housed the largest contingent of H.A. troops outside Humanist territories. The H.A. in conjunction with City Militia also maintained strict control over visitors to even the non-military sections of the city, checking papers and scanning for weapons and explosives.

High-altitude living makes for a thinner atmosphere, which can create problems for visitors. Dizziness, fatigue and shortness of breath are common problems. Once acclimatised to, the environment is said to be invigorating. Difficulties concentrating were often blamed for crashes during the annual White Rock Automotive Open – a global cultural event where super-charged custom vehicles raced across lightning-lashed mountains and roiling acid-lakes.

The most noticeable features in the mountains around White Rock are the huge lightning rods. These towers draw energy from the chain-lightning storms and divert it to huge capacitors buried deep in the mountains. This technology has provided free energy which fuelled the native industry. White Rock also features some of the best land-based astronomical observatories, which take advantage of lulls in the sometimes fearsome atmospheric conditions, to observe the skies through the thin air. A few of these observatories are also H.A. heavy laser sites, used for some effect during the early days of the invasion. Modification of these laser sites allowed for power transmission to the Iapetus network, a visually stunning spectacle. Supercharging this orbital defensive network (during the early days of the war) denied Dreamer forces open-flight access to 12 full degrees of planetary arc – an interdiction which no doubt prioritised White Rock as a strategic objective.

Places of Interest : There is a map these numbers correspond to, on a whiteboard :)

1. Great View District
In Mt. Kraestin, huge thick windows allow an impressive view northeast across the peaks. The windows are twenty stories high, and tiered shopping and food levels allowed their clientele to gaze out at a truly unique vista. The district is especially popular during storms, when citizens can see great chain lighting striking the peaks around the Range.

2. Allied Defence Works
ADW is a virtual underground township to itself within Mt. Kaethrin. In addition to several production plants, ADW also has completely subterranean facilities to test its vehicles. Huge vaulted chambers allow ADW designers to put their vehicles through numerous trials. Two of these areas are large enough to accommodate limited hopper and flying drone work. Security was very tight in the ADW complex and pre-invasion inspectors were shown only a selection of the facilities to hide confidential or covert work.

Smaller Corporate Presences :

2.a Dressen Arms Industries (DAI) Fire Dragon mecha, Ghost stealth drones, medium artillery guns.

3. Militia Base
In Mt. Kraestin, the militia base had an area devoted to security and to keep its soldiers away from the local citizenry. Pilots and ground vehicle crews were constantly taking their vehicles “on patrol” to break the boredom of their duties. Like in most other cities, the area of White Rock around the base featured businesses geared to foreign pleasures and was considered a “morally lax” area. Militia Commander was Nicole Belouche

4. Tycho Industries
Tl was the largest automotive firm in White Rock and had pride of place near the main racing circuits in the mountain. This area allowed extensive field testing of all ground vehicles, grav vehicles and aerofoils – and was used for the annual White Rock Automotive Open. Tycho was not as restricted as ADW and even hosted fairly extensive public tours.

5. Lightning Capacitors
Set around the three sisters, experimental conductors channelled strikes of lightning to powerful subterranean capacitors for power use in the region. The banks of capacitors make storms all the more spectacular, as lightning strikes are concentrated onto White Rock itself.


Location - White Rock

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