NPCs - Carried over from Pre Game Notes


Kath Adjanni (acting/surviving Chief Deputy of N.L.C. – capitulated to P.V.C)

Exponent Malkuth : a high-ranking(?) organic(?) Protectorate synthetic, who seems to be acting as people-facing Commandant over the White Rock prisoners.

Chancellor Farzahd Hemami : Allied Defence Works majority stock holder, (alive, acting as interlocutor between the Dreamers and the citizen population.)

Nicole Belouche : Militia Commander : (deceased, killed during the last action of the siege of White Rock. The efforts of the Militia allowing tens of thousands of civilians to escape through the sub-city)

Mykael Navar, regional commander of H.A forces (alive, believed to be leading remnant Resistance forces in the area)

The ‘4 Francs’ : Francois (ex-Southern Republic, unhappy ex-techie), FRaNC, FRanC, Forward Reconnaissance Cloud (high-performing Basic synthetic) – Night Cartel affiliates based out of Blackroot.

DOA : Synthetic slumlord / boss / criminal in Blackroot. Most powerful single leader in Blackroot.

Lord of the Changing Winds : Eidolon Engineer and resident boogeyman for DOA.

Windigo : Ghost, probably ex-military, rumours he served with Kraestin Irregulars, building contacts in Blackroot.

Coyote : An eidolon engineer that Windigo could introduce the PCs to, given suitable motivation.

??? – Elderly biological woman, aware of Lix Tetrax network, been looking for Zero (or more specifically, the Lix Tetrax phantom)

Yuri – Great grandson to ???, odd cyber-ware. Killed by Zero in the Blender in Blackroot.

Charon, Persephone, Giovanni, Dactyl, Pool, Koschei : Supposed members of the “Library”, and all members of the Eidolon Rights Movement.


The Blender : Pit-Fighting Social Hole in BlackRoot – primary physical hub of First Tears.

Silhouette : Small “club” in Blackroot. Primary hangout of the 4 Francs.


White Rock :
25th Conservator Regiment (Humanist Alliance force, decimated)
Kraestin Irregulars (a.k.a ‘The Tunnel Rats’, dispersed)
Kaet Highlander Regiment (dispersed)
Very limited GReL forces.


Clan Zi Zhou
Clan LeCour
Fringe Traders
Consolidates / Consolodists
Iolanthe / Yuri (deceased)
Lix Tetrax / Monolith Ventures (orbiting Tartatus) / Ishtar
Pharma Nord (genurgy) : discover ReJuve failing
Chimera Systems (makepoints)
Liberati movement leaked information on OutReach

NPCs - Carried over from Pre Game Notes

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